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Client briefs

#1 Post by allstarrccl2005 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:27 am

Not sure where else to put this.
I’ve been chatting with a client for several months (unsure if he’s gay or straight) on Instagram. I follow him and he goes to really interesting places and is going through a really greet Reno of his home so we’ve been chatting about that. Really nice guy. He’s also very good looking (mid to late 30’s tall, muscular Asian guy) We have been chatting about all sorts of other non- work related things for a few months now. Last night, we were chatting and he asked me about my weekend plans. I told him I have to go to a sleep clinic tonight and mentioned I’m a very picky sleeper with temperature and what I wear but I’m pretty much allowed to wear whatever I want and joked about going naked. He laughed and made a joke about being on camera, I told him I could become a porn star. We laughed and I mentioned, no worries, I wear T-shirt and briefs to sleep (hoping he might confess what he wears). To which he replied, ‘that’s what I wear too. I can’t wear anything else’ That got me incredibly excited. He then said as long as it’s black, but he has some grey and white too and also 2 army green briefs from Monocle.
We all know that some guys don’t differentiate between briefs and boxer briefs so I had to find out for sure. I googled them and found the monocle army green briefs and sent the link, ‘These ones?’ And he replied ‘yep’ So all of those months wondering what he wears finally were answered and with specifics no less. Very hot indeed. If by chance he’s also briefs fan and reading this, hey, send me a message and let’s get together and show off our briefs for each other hehehe

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Re: Client briefs

#2 Post by briefsforme » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:19 pm

Pretty hot story. Love it when you find out what someone wears like this.

And love that you took a strategic approach to finding out what he wears.

Can I ask what kind of client or business you do? Just for context.

And you don’t know if he’s gay but you’ve been chatting on ig? Interesting. Can’t ask. Or can’t tell based on social media?

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