At the Spa

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At the Spa

#1 Post by boxersandbriefs1 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:29 am

Last week I went to a jimjilbang spa, which is a Korean style spa/sauna. This is a very nice, classy place, not some seedy gay bath house.

Nudity is required in the men's spa & sauna's that are in the shower room. "Playing" around is NOT allowed. In fact I heard that one guy was caught and banned from ever going back. Outside the men's area it is co-ed, which require "uniforms." It is a family oriented establishment, many families go there with their children. Ok, enough back ground info. On with the story.

I was sitting in the swedish sauna sweating my ass off, when a good looking, very fit guy walks in. I would say late 30's, 5' 10," short reddish brown hair, trimmed pubic hair, shaved balls, little chest hair and a cut cock. Married. I'll call him Dan.

Another guy walked in, looked to be of Greek or Italian decent. Black hair, balding mid 40's with a nice build, nice size cock and balls. I'll call him Alex.

I had my eyes closed relaxing in the heat, when I opened my eyes, both guys were semi-erect. I began to stiffen when I saw this. Who wouldn't... Right? Slowly I began to give my self a stroke. Both guys quickly began to stroke also. The next thing I see is Dan and Alex giving each other a hand job. After a few minutes Alex began to shoot his load into his own hand. Alex grabbed his towel wiped up and left.

Both Dan and I looked at each other and said it was too hot. We both exited the sauna and went to cool down. I stayed under the cold shower for 5 minutes then walked to the locker room to get some water and check my phone messages. As I was checking my phone I notice Dan sitting in a chair naked also checking his phone. I sat next to him. We began to talk about the spa, work and other small talk.

After cooling down for 10 minutes we went back to the sauna, slowly I began to stroke myself and so did he. Dan moved closer to me and reached over to feel my balls. I did the same to him. We gazed into each others eyes as we stroked one another. After a few minutes we were interrupted by group of guys. So we decided to exit and go have something to eat and drink.

After a 45 minute conversation we headed back to the sauna. We sat across from each other in the steam room just gazing into each others eyes. It wasn't long before someone interrupted us yet again.

I decided to cool down in the showers... Dan walked up said he needed go cool down. I sat around for about 15 minutes, Dan didn't come back. I decided head home, it was late. I went to my locker to get dressed. I decided to go home commando and leave my Jockey mid rise white briefs in the locker. Dan actually had the locker next to mine. Big coincidence.

I walked out in to the "restaurant" to grab a water and hopefully see Dan. I never did. I never got his # or email. :(

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Re: At the Spa

#2 Post by nico711 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:50 am

Nice I think it happens more when it's in an area where it "shouldn't happen." Saw it sometimes frequently in one of the gyms I had a regional pass to.

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Re: At the Spa

#3 Post by whitebrief » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:36 pm

Nice. I've been checked while wearing a white brief while in the locker room. Usually shaving at the sinks or weighing in at the scales. Only one guy ever decided to make small talk. Made a comment about my CKs and that boxers were a turnoff.

Did get cruised once in a busy sauna. Most men enter just wearing a white towel. Shy guys usually keep their towel on. Others just take it off and sit on in in the nude. I sort of comfortable with that when it was a smaller regular group after work that didn't seem uptight.

So I'm sitting in this crowded sauna, nude (I just said f*** it, who cares) on a towel, and a guy sits down next to me. Soon, he was looking down at me, then his hand was accidentally touching mine. Soon me were playing with each others fingers. Eventually he got up and left, but not before looking back at me and giving a wink.

I just decided to go for it, and got up to leave too, giving the other men a view of my ass as I left carrying a towel. Once out of the sauna, I toweled up again as I was getting semi-hard. Followed the guy to the private showers where we ended up near a shower on the end w no one around. We dropped our white towels and we were both hard.

Ended up sharing a shower together. First kissing and soaping each other up. Stroking each others cocks. Eventually washed off, and I got down on my knees (tight fit in a shower stall) and sucked his hard cock, licked his balls and eventually had him shoot a load in my mouth. We cleaned up, and carefully exited the showers without attracting attention.

An hour later, I was having a beer with some straight male friends (who would never have guessed) across town. Crazy. Especially as I'd consider myself bi/straight-acting w beginner experience.

Good times.

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